Adjust your UTV suspension and shocks to perform to your best expectation  with your driving style
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The bow hunt is one of my favorite times and a great place for our UTV riding. Craig in the utv and me ready to do some hiking
Me with my compound bow out practicing
The  transition of my UTV life takes me from my first 50" Polaris RZR progressed into the XP1000 which is a great machine and then the decision to get a Turbo Polaris so we can hit the sand dunes hard and fast. 
This ownership has turned into a passion for the sport and I see myself helping people with their love and passion for this highly evolved sport well into the future. We will be rebuilding shocks and suspension and keeping these expensive components maintained and dialed in for the absolute best quality ride and control you could expect out of your UTV
UTV Service opened up in 2013 and have been servicing and building UTV’s including my Polaris’s since, and have built a great business along the way. I come from a very competitive family of 7, as the second to the youngest I had to find my own way. We all went many different directions in life.

I followed in my dad’s footsteps, he was an auto shop owner his whole life and raced circle track cars for almost 30 years. My life mirrored his.

Second was the first looser was the way I looked at my racing career 

I knew that if someone was faster on the race track then I had not done enough homework and it was time to get to work on our car.

Definition of faster to me was: The car was the smooth and easy to control over the conditions of the track that day.

After many years of having some success it was time I quit doing what everyone else was doing “the monkey see monkey do scenario”

      Gary Madsen

I retired in 2011 from my auto repair business and 2008 in my circle track racing career with 3 championships at our local race track Rocky Mountain Raceways. 

UTV’s (Side x sides) became my new career direction, My passion in this sport has me headed in the suspension side of the UTV’s 

Having the best tuned suspension starts with you getting involved and understanding why you have decided to change or make adjustments to your suspension. 
Personally after riding many miles and lots of hours I know that my shocks and springs needed improving.

So this is my quest once again stop doing what everyone else is doing and start figuring out what is the best shock & spring update for my UTV, I have incorporated my 30 years of racing experience that turned our team into champions into a process for helping you make the best decision on your suspension upgrade process 

I am designing the same process we followed and worked to get the race car ready to go to the track every Saturday to help you get your UTV set up to have the best ride and handling on your personal rides you take. 

Just like in life you need to know where you are to be able to make your goals of where you want to be.

Let my 30 years of championship racing experience help your process and decision to upgrade and work your suspension including shocks and springs