Get your UTV suspension and shocks to perform to your best expectation  with your driving style
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Gary Madsen
UTV Garage
Trust is what sets us apart, knowing when you have work done you will recieve everything you were charged for and hopefully get more out of our work.

Have you ever been in or watched on TV a professional NASCAR teams shop. It is so clean you could eat off the floor. If you drop something you will be able to find it immediately. It is completely organized, this is the atmosphere I have developed for our service business. 

I have always felt to do the servicing that is beyond what the manufactures recommend. We must have a clean and organized facility to work in so your vehicle will be kept as clean if not cleaner than when you dropped it off.

It drives me crazy when I take my UTV's  into have it fixed and it comes out dirty or greasy. I am a very clean person and expect to have your experience with us very professional and extra clean. 

UTV Service is family-owned and operated right here in Salt Lake City, Ut. Since our company opened we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family.
Over 30 years experience in the service and racing industry. This alone has taught me the importance of doing the job correctly with the understanding that we will make it right if you ever come across a problem

A clean garage makes for top notch servicing. If you won't take care of the service center, what makes you think they would take care of your UTV
Let my 30 years of championship racing experience help make your UTV work up to its potential, kowing that I will give fine detail in all work performed. We go above and beyond any expectations when working with your UTV's
The bow hunt is one of my favorite times and a great place for our UTV riding. Craig in the utv and me ready to do some hiking
Me with my compound bow out practicing
The  transition of my UTV life takes me from my first 50" Polaris RZR progressed into the XP1000 which is a great machine and then the decision to get a Turbo Polaris so we can hit the sand dunes hard and fast. 
This ownership has turned into a passion for the sport and I see myself helping people with their love and passion for this highly evolved sport well into the future. We will be rebuilding shocks and suspension and keeping these expensive components maintained and dialed in for the absolute best quality ride and control you could expect out of your UTV