Adjust your UTV suspension and shocks to perform to your best expectation  with your driving style
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Ride heights, Spring Rates,Overall UTV weight, Nitrogen Charge, Alignment, Focused Results

Working with UTV Service isn't like working with any other shops or suspension service, Throw out everything you have heard and read about strategies & suspension it is a whole new ball game.

We take a stand against the old saying it just handles & rides better than before.
Its time for a smarter, more strategic approach to UTV suspension & shock service

Let us help you achieve your ride improvement system 

              SUSPENSION - SHOCK - SET-UPS

                We are purpose driven to help you set up your UTV for the customer who wants direct involvement 
               in the decisions of what spring and shock combination will work absolutely best for their own UTV

Our approach focuses on your own UTV - Results that not only made more sense, but really work.

A clear understanding of the set-up on your UTV and a commitment to focus on why you adjust & change for each condition of you ride and style

With the knowledge gained you will have confidence to adjust your UTV to get ready for each and every particular ride you will be taking next 

Turning expensive suspension decisions into simple, what is best for you, knowledge based decisions to make your purchasing easier

Were a UTV Service Center located in Salt Lake City, Utah with a small & flexible, highly-adaptive team who values the personal communication & relationships formed with clients during the learning process.

Your UTV that utilizes Fox, Walker Evans, King shocks you will have a full work up sheet that has you exact measurements, weights, heights- so you have the needed information to correctly decide on what and why you upgraded you UTV suspension